13 Mart 2008 Perşembe

The future of Odeo

The news finally broke that Odeo was acquired. The new owners SonicMountain have big plans. From the press release:

“A critical aspect of the transaction was the commitment by SonicMountain to retain the integrity and spirit of the Odeo community,” says Evan Williams, CEO of Obvious, LLC. “During the selection and due-diligence process it was important that the buyer be committed to Odeo’s growth and improvement.”

SonicMountain intends to incorporate exciting enhancements to the Odeo community within the next few months. Improvements in content organization, search, discovery, plus podcast hosting of both audio and video are only a sampling of upcoming upgrades planned for the site.

Good. I like seeing the things I’ve worked on do well.

More from TechCrunch and Profy.

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