5 Ocak 2009 Pazartesi

Westinghouse TX-47F450S LCD HDTV

For the bargain hunter, this TV of good price and average features surely appeals.

Our test revealed that the Westinghouse TX-47F450S as average and that marks are based on picture quality. In fact most of its marks are within Goods, Very Goods and then some Fair. These are the marks since the picture quality isn?t that great. A co-judged of mine remarked that David Letterman looked washed out, color of a Caucasian acquired a pinkish color and we thought that the TV didn?t give much justice to the Return of the King DVD.

The image quality may suffer, but at least this set makes up lost ground on its audio. When I tested this for that low and quite sound, the TV has managed to upset my ears. When the volume is set to a comfortable level, somewhere a third level up, sounds from the TV are good on my ears as they sounded clear and okay. And expect loud to be louder on this TV.

Before when I need to heighten up the sound, all I need was a subwoofer. But certainly not today as this TX-47F450S takes audio to a whole new level. In fact of the nine high definitions TV sets that we scouted in April 2008, all of which are 46-to 47 inch sets, the scores for this TV is commendable and even better for a TV coming from its class.

Menus on this TV are almost flawless, save for some minor problems. Every option on the video menu is grayed out. The remedy is to exit out of the program settings and change the set-up to User mode. That way the options that you need will be available for you. Minor blips like that undercut some of its finer details like the user-friendly menu that?s easy on the eyes and recognizable icons.

Easy to access regular inputs are seen at the side of the TV, but no short-cuts for inputs for temporary hardware add-ons. If you pay attention to the overall view of this HDTV you will notice that it is almost identical to Westinghouse?s previous HDTV release.

Though the manual and the remote leave much to be desired, other aspects help make the TX-47450S a great choice. With the remote alone, you will notice that it is not comfortable to hold in your hand as you watch hours of television. The closely located buttons will means lots of errors when you are channel surfing or trying to go to a specific station. The design of the remote is also cluttered and it will be a while before you have accurately memorized where the important buttons are located.

The manual is almost unnecessary are you will find yourself online anyway looking for a printable copy that is better than the print out they included. The instructions were not very clear and some of the wording was too light to read at times. You may spend hours fumbling with the sheets as you attempt to understand just what was written to show you.

The Autosource automatically changes the setting when you connect a device. This is a great choice for you since this is cost-efficient. Though the Westinghouse TX-47F250S doesn?t match with the best, its average features and great sound makes it a good buy. Perfect if you don?t have a surround stereo sound system.

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