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Sharp LC-46D64U LCD HDTV Review

Good quality is always what matters when buying any item.

Sharp LC-46D64U LCD HDTV hasn?t been receiving good reviews when it comes to image quality. Some describe the image quality to be distorted, appalling, and not good at all. I?ve used to describing visual effects to have the quality of being oil-painted and this is not a good remark for a start. I wouldn?t be biased at all because I rate this product as an average product and it wouldn?t be a surprise to see Sharp LC-46D64U at the top of those bad reviews for image quality.

However, the sound quality of Sharp LC-46D64U is tolerable and okay. The sound system complements the other shortcomings of Sharp LC-46D64U which a great TV should possess. If you plan to use an external surround sound anyway, the okay quality of the audio will not be an issue.

LC-46D64U has Sharp's Aquos Link Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) which enables it to be connected and attached to other Sharp devices. One of its specifics called Optical Picture Control gives you the power to automatically adjust the TV?s brightness which depends on your environment, but this feature is not quite impressive.

It automatically shuts down after 15 minutes when it doesn?t receive signal or the user forgot to switch the TV off because of its power saving feature which maintains quality image. Another interesting feature of LC-46D64U's is the Audio Only option which gives you the freedom to not use the TV?s sound system when connected to DVD player where you only want to listen to some music from CD?s (it just balances poor quality image it has).

Over-all the Sharp is manageable and easy to use. The text on screen is understandable even if it?s used small letters, and the menu appears nice too. The menu will not automatically close while you are adjusting the video setting. In reality, video adjusting is not really a problem because it doesn?t occupy much space on the screen.

As for the remote control, it?s not handy and convenient since some buttons are too small and the lights of the button don?t fit its functions at all. The controls are spaced much too closely together and remote itself, can get uncomfortable to hold in a short period of time. While there are good menu options and buttons, you will find them hard to see in a dark or densely lit room due to the lack of a back light that does not work properly.

The manual which is shaped triangularly is indeed helpful despite of text-heavy quality. You have the choice to download the PDF version if you are not satisfied reading the manual printed on grayish pages. While many have complained about the lack of a hard copy manual, the Sharp LC46D64U includes there?s but it needs to have more pictures to allow users to easily work on their new flat screens without having to stop and read large amounts of text every few minutes.

LC-46D64U can pass in terms of all features a television should have but unfortunately its image quality fails to satisfy the needs of the customers. This flat screen is not a bad bargain for its price, but coming from a company such as Sharp, they could have done much better in creating this flat screen HDTV.

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