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The Samsung FP-T5084 review

This product is one of the best on the market when speaking about quality at a rather low price. The Samsung FP-T5084 makes other HDTVs look unaffordable for their quality because it is only $2400. Its aspect is also very shiny and it will look exceptional in any room. So, if you want to obtain the best quality for the best price, you might want to take a look at this product.

When talking about visuals this HDTV knows how to draw its fans. High definition scenes are amazing; real colors, without any artificial traces will make you feel like the characters are alive. Also, the skin looks remarkably natural, so we can definitely say that everything looks real.

When watching rich color scenes, you may be surprised to see how this HDTV blends everything very good and manages to bring out detailed images. When tested on standard-definition quality, the Samsung FP-T5084 managed to get a good score, making everything smooth with minimum pixilation. So, with a good visual score this HDTV manages to be the best solution at an affordable price. It sure has better visual quality than other products which can be bought with the same price.

Menu features are various: it has predetermined settings like Standard or Movie mode, which look a lot better than choosing the DNIe. When enabling the DNIe you may notice vivid images with rich color; however, they also look artificial so that?s not a very good option. Some may like it; it depends on your taste.

The DNIe actually means Digital Natural Image engine and it helps create the right atmosphere by improving the color aspect and reducing background noise. It also has motion processing which gives a great visual percept to any pictures by making them look sharper.

You can choose the desired image settings in the OSD menu; it has RGB option, offset controls for the White Balance section and a menu called My Color Control; the menu is very useful because it helps you set the pink, green, blue, and white tones. My Color Control menu ensures that you set each color, so you will surely reach the desired image quality.

The design is quite eye catching. It has a shiny look with a chrome touch that will make it suitable for any elegant room. A disadvantage is the fact that things in your room may reflect on the screen, this might distract your attention when watching darker scenes. When talking about the sound quality, there isn?t much to say. Speakers can be found on the TV sides. The sound is ok but the not best audio quality on the market. Sometimes it makes the audio a little bit confusing, so it?s not the best option when looking for the best audio score.

The Samsung FPT5084 also sports one feature that should be included in all big screen television sets. This screen comes fully equipped with Screen Burn Protection and it helps to prevent the burnt in look that takes over a screen if you leave the TV on long enough. A few different options are available and these allow you to choose the method you would prefer to help keep your screen in top health. One option known as scrolling will add designs that move across your screen so that no one section will be stuck on the same color, program or image. Another option called ?white? will place white screen that will protect from burnt in movies that you may leave paused for a long period of time.

You might ask yourself why this product scored so much if it?s not the best. We don?t think it?s the best, we think it?s the best affordable HDTV. It?s solid, has a very nice design, and the price is suitable for any pocket. Of course, picky costumers might not choose it, but if you want the best you can get for a small price, this is your option. The Samsung FP-T5084 gets the job done, and it does it above average, which is very important when comparing it to other products out there.

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