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The LG 47LBX Opus LCD HDTV comes equipped with a stand, which allows it to swivel and its use of music coming from the USB along with its photo capabilities are not really enough to offset the 47LBX HDTV?s inferior image quality capabilities. The overall casing of the Opus is beautiful but when it comes to actually using this gadget, you will be disappointed as it has little to offer the average buyer.

This 47LBX LCD HDTV model from LG should rightfully be skipped if you?re intending to get really good images. And, really, who isn?t after getting really good images from one?s HDTV set. With the nine High Definition TV sets that we had reviewed last April 2008, the 47LBX Opus had gotten into eighth place when it came to displaying overall image quality.

When it came to the picture?s details and the quality for brightness and contrasts, the HDTV set could only be considered fair. It was quite clear that it was able to display color quite expertly enough. However, a bad aspect was that it also made the flesh tones for Caucasians display a rather reddish tint. Depending on what you happen to be watching at the time, the color fluctuates and will eventually distract you from your television shows.

However, the sound capabilities for the 47LBX Opus were quite remarkable when you consider that sound is necessary for a TV audio system. To make movie soundtracks as good as they should be, you would still need to use a distinct amplifier as well as employ some speakers.

The subtle sound effects as well as the spoken words for the beginning scene of Phantom of the Opera were heard quite distinctly enough. The high volume organ blast, though, had a hard time passing through the speaker quite well. You have to find a perfect volume setting, and if you turn it up to much the sound will come out muffled.

Some good accompaniments to the 47LBX coming from LG include a port using USB capabilities that allows you to look at your own photos as well as play your own music. The LG 47LBX HDTV also has the ability to rotate on its stand. This allows you to view the screen from a variety of angles.

This feature of the HDTV set also allows you to readily gain access to the HDTV set?s back. The input ports that can be found on the back of the set are oriented outwards; this allows for more convenient use. Most of the HDTV?s are not extremely heavy but it can be daunting to pull out and turn the entire TV when you want to plug in audio and video wires or to connect portable electronics.

The LG 47LBX?s accompanying remote control is also quite acceptable. This remote control, however, comes without any backlighting features. The grip for the remote control is something that is also comfortable enough for the user. The main buttons are also placed where they should be and are considered to be quite easy to find.

Some specialized buttons for the control of the backlight of the LCD also exist; these are the ?Bright+? and the ?Bright? buttons. Due to SimpLink which is the LG version of the HDMI Consumer Electronics or CEC channel, the remote control can be used for other gadgets that make use of the SimpLink system. This comes all without need for any specialized programming.

Menus of the LG 47LBX HDTV are displayed quite attractively. These are clear and have high readability and the menus function exactly as how they are expected to function. The manual that comes along with the TV is quite thin and is in thirty-two pages. It is a sort of Reader?s Digest simplification of the whole manual. The whole manual is something that is inside the CD that comes along with the TV and this manual is read in the PDF format.

Taken as a whole, the LG 47LBX HDTV set?s high price as well as the not too impressive visual capabilities of the TV set make buying the product not quite an attractive choice.

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