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Vizio GV52LF HDTV Review

The Vizio GV52LF HDTV is a 52 inch behemoth that offers great value for its $2200 price tag. When viewing the HD and SD on the screen you see a crisp image that is free of most viewing flaws found in similar models. This Vizio receives high marks for the luster of the image onscreen and it is the only HDTV to receive such a good score.

One reason for the great of this HDTV has to do with the colors. It offers crisp and vivid tones that seem just right regardless of the image onscreen. In many instances, a TV will show bad or horribly wrong shades for a character?s skin tone and object in and around image will also seem off color. With the Vizio GV52LF HDTV you can go from setup to TV watching without having to adjust multiple options to get the colors just right.

The four different HDMI ports will allow you to create a great media room as it lets you connect cable boxes, HD players, and even an HD digital video recorder (DVR). The Vizio GV52LF HDTV has speakers that were built into the unit but then even if you turn the volume up to full power, you will still feel that the sound is not as great as it could be.

The Vizio also takes care to stray away from the solid black HDTV?s by adding a splash of color with the gray shades. While the TV unit is all black, below it are the speakers that shine with a lustrous grey tone. Unfortunately, if you take a closer look, the Vizio appears to be a bit more bulky on the bottom and that is not seen in similar models.

The remote control is backlit and easy to see in the dark so that you can control the HDTV without turning on the lights. On the very top of the control are a series of buttons featuring different numbers. In the middle is a circular button that you can use to navigate. On the very bottom are the input buttons that will allow you to switch to different electronics connected to the Vizio GV52LF HDTV.

The remote is almost completely black but like the HDTV unit it has sleek grey designs to match. You will be able to easily control and setup the TV using a well written and detailed instruction manual that is included in the packaging. You can walk through the simple setup and you can also learn everything you need to know about the remote control.

When you compare the menu onscreen to similar HDTV?s you may notice that it looks a little out dated but it does come with great features to make up for its bland look and design. You can easily view a second channel using the picture in picture. However, the Vizio GV52LF HDTV also has a picture by picture feature to allow side by side viewing of two channels instead of one box within a box.

The menu also includes temperature controls that will allow you to change the colors to tones that you find more pleasing than the factory settings. To use the picture in picture and picture by picture controls, you may be frustrated to learn that they do not have their own buttons on the remote. You have to find them via the onscreen menu each and every time you would like to use them.

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