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Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U review

When the Sharp Aquos LC52D92U is first unboxed and unfettered from all of its packaging, you will find that you need help in moving your new HDTV around the room to its correct viewing position. This television set, which can cost upwards of $5300 weighs in at over 70 pounds and after completing the attachments, that weight jumps to over 90 pounds.

While many TV?s of this size can be heavy, one good reason to grab a friend to help with your new big screened electronic gadget is to prevent damage to this product. You will have to place the television first down so that it is lying flat on the delicate screen. Once it is in place, you will now have to connect the speaker system and table stand. Once these items are in place, they will add an extra 20 pounds to your new TV.

This product didn?t manage to make a fantastic impression with its cabinet and auto dimming backlight. LC-52D92U has good performances but far from best although you might expect something excellent for this high price. The market has better products than the Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U when it comes to visual quality and other extra options.

This TV managed to get a score below average because it lacks many things when it comes to video performance: details are pixilated (a scene with a moving train managed to disappoint the jurors because things became very pixilated at one point).Standard definition managed to get an average score but this HDTV managed to show more pixilated scenes than many from its categories which have smaller price.

During HD-DVD and Blu-ray tests the result was very unsatisfying as scenes were having contrast and brightness problems. However, sometimes, the contrast was very good showing the best detailed pictures on a 1080p but it doesn?t manage to keep the same performance for all scenes.

Unfortunately, you will notice the pixels during some scenes and people?s skin has a red tendency if you take a closer look. The color quality is very good, when taken alone, the colors are amazing, but during scenes the performance is far from what we expected.

When it comes to sound, things begin to improve because audio quality is way better than video quality. The sound is really excellent, especially when listening to an orchestra, because it manages to make a clear difference between high and low sounds like no other sound system found on HDTVs.
You will experience a unique feeling when watching musicals or concerts because you almost feel like you are near the music players. This HDTV really managed to impress everybody with its audio quality.

The remote is also one of the best, compared to other hard to handle remotes; it also has a wonderful design and its size is just right. Buttons? arrangement is comfortable and everything is well organized in a way which helps the user remember where buttons are; this makes surfing on the remote for volumes or channels smoother.

This is very useful because you cannot access the on screen menu without the remote; the only buttons found on the TV are power, channel and volume, so expect to use the remote more frequently. The settings found on the on-screen menu are various; however, a disadvantage is the fact that you don?t have any RGB controls.

Other options may include setting up the black depth level and another for motion blur. There is also an option for surround sound, which makes the difference when it comes to sound score. This HDTV lacks other things like an option for the user to make setting combinations for different programs they watch.

This is one of the HDTVs that look good on the outside because it has a great and stylish design, but it only manages to have an average performance when it comes to graphics. Other products would do better and may have a lower price. The $3000 price is a bit too much to spend for such a poor performance.

The Sharp Aquous LC52D92U presents some of the best contrasts that will give you greater picture quality not usually found in 1080p. However, this great feature presents a down side to this HDTV as it shows that the processor is weak at the very least.

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