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The Power of Web Video

There has never been a means that touches so many people on such an intimate level than with video. Whether you are going to the movies, watching your television, or recently, surfing the web, you are able to view videos that are interesting to you. But why is video so powerful in explaining a message, telling a story or selling a product? Perhaps the reason why individuals are so connected with video is because it stimulates two of the most powerful senses in our bodies, which is sound and sight.

Because of this, video is a very influential way to get you message across. Since video activates and uses the most dominate of our senses, we are more than likely to remember the message that is being displayed to us. And it is with this knowledge that many people begin to market their web videos in order to get their message across.

But what is the real reason why web video is so powerful? In order to understand this, you must first understand how the Internet was before the introduction of web videos. The Internet before web video was a textual and image driven source of information, and for many years this was a powerful way to inform viewers about products and news.

However, because the majority of Internet connections were dial-up, the use of web video was extremely minimal. Yet, as technology developed so did the look of the Internet. Soon, the majority of Internet users switched from standard dial-up connections and upgraded to high-speed broadband connections. Because of this, the Internet began to transform from a static page, to a place where interactivity and video became commonplace.

Today, the use of web video is extremely prominent, and it seems that everyone from internet marketers to the mother of two living down the street is taking advantage of the power of web video. The reason why so many people are beginning to adopt video as a means to divulging information is because it is a easy, and extremely effective way to connect with their audience on an intimate level.

When you can see and hear an actual person speaking with you, than you are more than likely to listen and retain the information that they are giving you. This makes web video an extremely powerful force in advertising, as well as in society commentaries. Because there are so many options in obtaining your web video information, individuals are beginning to adopt a new form of entertainment and that is through portable video devices.

Because of the upgraded iPod's and PSP systems, users are able to download their favorite videos and view them wherever they are. Because of this video blogging has moved from a new way of communicating to one of the most popular methods. With web video, individuals are able to have their opinions heard at a larger scale that before now has never been obtained.

It's unsure to say where the future of web video is going to take us, however, there are several things that are for certain. Web video isn't going to go anywhere, and the use of video to obtain information is going to grow stronger throughout the next several years.

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