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LG 50PY3DF Plasma TV Review

The LG 50PY3DF Plasma TV receives a big score in aesthetics compared to other brands in the same category of high quality television. Its tag price is attractive too, although it can't compete head-on in terms of performance against its competitors. This model targets consumers who give lot of consideration to affordability with a few good features.

Designed meticulously, the LG 50PY3DF looks really enticing and one reason is that it is more affordable than other brands of plasma television. Tested against other TVs in its size category, this 50-inch plasma HDTV garnered an average performance rating that is equivalent to Good. However, for the low price, its features run a bit short compared to more expensive brands belonging to the same TV lineup.

Tests show that the LG 50PY3DF gives strong, satisfactory color quality on standard- and high-definition images but it projects brightness and contrast that can only be considered okay or average. In TV programs like the George Lopez Show, the skin tones revealed are fairly believable while some hints of pixels are present. Game broadcasts like that of the San Francisco Giants showed a good balance of orange and green colors. Details were good too, during the dark scenes in the movie like the Lord of the Rings.

In terms of connectivity, the LG 50PY3DF features three HDMI inputs compared to other brands, which have four. User can also utilize a USB port for data stored in card readers or thumb drives. This USB port allows the LG 50PY3DF to display photos in a slideshow with the packaged remote control to manage the settings and pan the photos when browsing.

With some adjustments at the back, this TV model can swivel like the Samsung FP-T5084 but not as smooth. For a more organized setup, cables can be tied together using a loop that is installed at the back where the swivel bolt can be found. To adjust the display settings manually, user should look for a mini touchpad at the lower right portion that will launch the menu for the TV settings.

Display settings include menus for color temperature adjustments with the colors red, green, and blue as indicators. The menu also allows the adjustment of contrast, brightness, and vividness of the display through color presets for Dynamic, Standard, and Mild. Dynamic is the most enticing preset although there is a bit of concern with how unreal the saturation is - images appear un-natural. With the Standard and Mild settings, images are more realistic.

There are two ways to set the display: through the remote control or through the mini touchpad on the lower right portion of the TV. The keys on the remote control are not backlit and a bit cramped but it serves its function well with the control of the on-screen display.

Stacked against other similar plasma screens the LG 50PY3DF would not receive an A plus score because it lacks some features that experienced electronic users may need. However, studies have found that most home users do not need, want or know how to use all of the extra features that are bundled on their gadgets. Considering its great price, this LG is perfect for those who wants a good plasma screen without a load of useless features that they will not use.

The LG 50PY3DF TV's size is quite deceiving. It appears bigger than its counterparts because of the panel extensions on both sides where the built-in speakers have been incorporated. These speakers deliver good quality sound from tests ran on shows like the Phantom of the Opera. Each LG TV comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor - which is quite an edge for the brand since others offer only 1-year warranties.

Though the LG 50PY3DF may be a bit behind in performance and features, there are still users who put emphasis on the price. These price-conscious buyers may find themselves purchasing this model especially with its demonstrated features and good sound quality, which give value for the money.

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