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Concerning Issues With Anti-virus

The ongoing writing and spreading of viruses and of panic about them gives the vendors of commercial anti virus software a financial interest in the ongoing existence of viruses.Some theorize that antivirus companies have financial ties to virus writers, to generate their own market,though there is really know evidence that we know of.Some of the antivirus software can considerable reduce performance.

Users may disable the antivirus protection to overcome the performance loss,thus increasing the risk of infection.For maximum protection the antivirus software needs to be enabled at all times-often at the cost of slower performance.It is also important to know that a person should not have more than one antivirus software installed on a single computer at any given time.This can seriously cripple your computer and cause further damage.

It is also sometimes necessary to temporarily disable virus protection when you install major updates such as Windows Service Packs or updating graphics card drivers.Having antivirus protection running at the same time as installing a major update may prevent the update installing properly or even installing it at all.When you do decide to purchase antivirus software,the agreement may include a clause that your subscription will be automatically renewed,and your credit card automatically billed at the time of you are suppose to renew without you authorizing it.

For example,Mcafee requires you to subscribe at least 60 days before before the expiration of your present subscription,If that is the case, the subscriber may contest the charges with the credit card issuer,but this course of action is likely to be at no avail to you if in fact the subscriber had authorized such a "continuous payment authority".

Some antivirus programs are actually spyware masquerading as antivirus software.It is to your advantage to check twice that the antivirus software which you are downloading is actually a real antivirus program.Some commercial antivirus software programs contain adware,

For example, the home/small business version of a CA Anti-Virus 2008 displays an advert for CA products whenever the desktop is unlocked after a period of when the computer is not active.It would be no surprise when viruses that plague the desktop and the laptop world quickly migrate to mobile devices.More and more vendors in this space are offering solutions to combat secure mobile handsets with antivirus solutions.

Anti virus programs come in many different varieties and range from cheap to really expensive but trust me, without an anti virus program you are going to end up being out much more money in the end because of the expenses of repairing or replacing your computer. You can find many of these types of programs for your home computer or office computer right here on the internet or in any computer store in your area.

Good luck with keeping your computer up and running properly and if you do not already have an anti virus program for your computer system, please consider choosing to purchase yourself one very soon, for a much more reliable computer, which we all need.

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