28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Air Supply - Keeping The Love Alive

Both of us holding back
So afraid
To fall in love and lose again
We`ve both been hurt before
Saw love walk out the door
In the end...
Actin` as cold as ice
When we wanna be
It`s just a foolish game we play
You couldn`t hurt me bad enough
To make me give it up
And walk away

We can`t stop
The feeling`s to strong
We`ve got the will to hang on
Can`t stop
We struggle and fight to survive
Keepin` the love alive

We try to forget the past
So many times
It`s hard to make those memories leave
With all we have at steak
We`ll bend until we break
`Cause we both believe
(tekrara nakarat)
If we stand the test of time
Love will be the lasting kind

(tekrar nakarat)

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