28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Ainslie Henderson - Keep Me A Secret

I'm trying not to feel you but
you just brushed by
and if you dare to cross that line you know
my toes will step on fire

ohhh sizzle when its face on face
and skin on skin
i'm trying to keep you out and i'm trying to keep me in

100 million eyes behind these walls
watching ya, hearing ya, knowning ya

keep me a secret, keep me out your arms
keep my kisses off your lipstick
stop me swallowing your charms
keep yourself a secret, lock up all your doors
i'll keep you out of my dreams just you keep me out of yours

i needn't not to notice you but
you unwrap my eyes
and don't let embraces linger try to keep our arms untied
see there you go again
you're making me mad
cos i'm drawn to this danger ohhh
and its making me mad

100 million reasons to ignore
wanting to be with you

100 million eyes behind these walls
watchin ya hearing ya knowing ya

all im asking
is for nothing
and if nothing is enough for you
ohh leave it i said keep me inside your head
under your breath

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