28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Air Supply - More Than Natural

Love, I`ll help you to see
The world is ours, it used to be
But now it`s changed so much
We have to change it back
Soon will be a day
When just a look will be to say
Let`s breakaway today
Let`s start again, I`ll tell you where
I`ll tell you when
You came from out of the air
And wrapped in fire
Said don`t you be scared
Can`t you use your life
To save so many more

Cast my pride away
And had me born again that very day
And now I`m so alive
I`m comin` through
They`re teaching me to tell it to you

Oh, I`m more than natural
Way to be
It`s the natural remedy
With the natural guarantee
(tekrar nakarat)

Oh, your heart would say
My mind is gone
And ran away
But who`s the loser, if you don`t know
What I have
A job that`s hard to beat
Looking out for holy feet
Treading softly on the ground
Making waves but not a sound

(tekrar nakarat)

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