28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Aion - Birth

You saw the world that we had created before
Your birth
Is thete any chance for you to grow up in it,
In love and peace?
No, because I Know that all attempts to
Change hatred into love, sadness in joy,
Had already gone long time ago into
The dismal abyss of hell
I wish only to save you, the helpless being,
By covering your eyes with my still untouched soul.

Born in the ravages of wars,
In times of hatred and pain.
Now you are doomed to struggle,
That I keep on losing.

Maybe once the time will come when,
The awaken will enjoy peace and love.
This is your chance, you can achive it.

Your pure soul will help you in this fight,
With the wraped humanity that ravages everything.

Your pure heart will protect you
against the vile.
Whispers of this world's monsters.

You can be the king of the underfield land.

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