28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Aion - The Anthem Of Victory

She runs in circles, talks in tongues
Said burn your Docs
Throw out your Cosom, Your Details, Your Vogue
She hate fashion hypocrites
And the puppets that spew forth
She hates people who hate, but she hates to hate
'Cause she hates negativity
She's sick of being tired and tired of being sick
She smells like dope, my God she tastes like cinnamon
I'm in love, your so fucked up I think I love you

She told me that she was born at Woodstock
I told her that I had never been there
But I saw the movie once
I stayed up late, it was on TV
She who played all of Tommy
And Jimi's Star Spangled Banner
But Kiss didn't play, so I didn't really give a...
I tried to say I'd be her bimbo
If she could fit me in
But I just mumbled something incoherent

I know that she knows
She could take me for a ride
She said that I said
She could take me for a ride

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