28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Ahriman - Wisdom In Me, Power In Thee

"Fájdalom, fájdalom
Lélekszúrt fájdalom
Komor és merengõ
Eltûrt vigadalom
Oly sok kifakadt határtalan oltalom
Nem találom utam
Csak fába zárt otthonom."

I walk a path
Stoney and thorny and unwalkable
Leaving centuries' signs behind me
Often miserable and always instructive
Besides mountains, creeks,
Swarms, and lakes
Forsaken houses,
Once existed villages remind me
It had been life here

The soil is scorched
And houses live under moss
I have seen and see
The shades of creatures so enchanting
Turning to stone
When my glance is to seek

There were lands
Where tales were born while
I was walking my path trodden
Solitude brought me wisdom
Only a riddle in my mind
Where should I find power for that...

As the creek flowing from the mountain seeks the final lake
I seek the calmness rising from the trees
As the roots of the trees seek the roaming ways of spring lifegiving in the soil
I seek the final kingdom for myself

Whether will I find it passing places
Where sunlight's rays play in the heart of woods
And give life for the plants' children growing from seeds
Leaving odd moments behind?

I seek
For I have to seek
A region from shore to shere
Where Death will give gifts
And feasts for the ghostworld
Only as an endured guest.

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